The Origin Of The Martini

Have you ever wanted to feel fancy on a night out, and thought of James Bond? You’ve probably ordered a Martini, which was boosted into the spotlight by multiple film stars, especially 007 himself. There are multiple ways to drink a martini, and the different variations are suited to everyone’s different tasted, but how was it created?

The truth is, no one really knows where the Martini came from or who created it. A possible common theory, is that it was developed from the Martinez, a classic cocktail made with gin, vermouth and angostura bitters. By taking out the bitters in a Martinez, you automatically have a Martini.

It is also said that the famous cocktail was created in New York City by bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia in the early 20th century. His version added orange bitters to the recipe, which is an uncommon add-in in present day recipes. Another myth is that the cocktail was created by Alessandro Martini after he started marketing his product, Martini vermouth.

Although the origin of the Martini is unclear, and there are many theories as to how it came about, it definitely became popular during the prohibition era. Due to the production of home brews, also known as moonshine, specifically bath tub gin, it became easier to make Martinis and to sell them in underground bars and clubs.

If you have missed your local pub, or your favourite bar during this lockdown period, or you’re longing for that cold martini, they are very simple to make at home. You can make this with vodka or gin. Take equal parts of your chosen spirit with vermouth, shake or stir them with ice, and pour into a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon peel or an olive.