Random Cocktail Concoctions Created During Lockdown

We know that during lockdown many of you experimented with making your own cocktails seeing as you were unable to join us at our cocktail bar in Clapham Junction.

Although many people spent their time in lockdown mastering their tried and tested favourites, it seems other people were a little more adventurous, and some of you had some pretty tasty results.

Buzzfeed recently shared some of the more unusual and, let’s be honest, random concoctions you came up with at home.

One that we love for its simplicity is vodka and lemonade served over ice cubes made with iced tea. Throw in some fresh lemon and thyme and you’ve got a very sophisticated and refreshing beverage for summer evenings.

Another one that you might want to try is what its creators have dubbed the “lazy jam cocktail”. You take one to two tablespoons of any jam, add the juice of half a lemon or lime, and two ounces of your chosen spirit (vodka, gin or rum were recommended), shake all the ingredients over ice and then serve.

If you want something incredibly simple, another recommendation is gin with apple juice. Definitely one that’s quick and easy to whip up and, according to its creator, it’s delicious.

Enjoying some delicious cocktails could also be a great way of feeling as though you’re escaping from the daily grind. As we recently pointed out, some flavours have a way of making you feel as though you’re on holiday. For us, the Aperol Spritz is the embodiment of Italy, for example. Mix your own or come and see us and we’ll mix them for you!