Let Cocktails Take You On A Summer Escape

It seems that the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown has resulted in many of us consuming more alcohol than before and, more specifically, it appears that many of us have been trying our hands at mixology.

An article for the Guardian recently pointed out that cocktails often rise in popularity during times of economic challenge. It cited the Great Depression as the first golden age of the cocktail, and it seems that this pandemic is ushering in a second wave of interest in mixed drinks.

Drinks historian David Wondrich told the newspaper why he believes more people are turning to cocktails rather than just reaching for a bottle of beer.

“Part of the reason the cocktail came back is it needed to come back. It’s a little ritual that you can use to hedge against the uncertainty and chaos,” he stated.

But the news provider also pointed out that cocktails have the ability to evoke exotic shores and foreign climes like few other drinks. It noted that many of us won’t be travelling to the likes of Havana or Venice in the near future, but that “an El Presidente or Spritz will make a rough-and-ready mental teleportation device”.

We’re now open and taking bookings for our happy hour in Clapham Junction, so come and pay us a visit and we’ll whip up a drink to transport you somewhere exotic.

It’s really quite fascinating delving into the history of some of our favourite drinks. Did you know that there are several theories as to how the popular Martini was created, including that it’s an adaptation of a classic gin-based cocktail the Martinez or that it was first whipped up by bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia in New York City.