How To Make A Dry Martini

American satirist and writer H. L. Mencken called the martini “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet”, and many advocates of a dry martini would agree. The cocktail has been around since the early 1920s, and in 2019 was still one of the top ten best selling cocktails in the world.

There are so many different variations on the classic martini, whether that’s James Bond’s famous vodka martini, infamously ‘shaken, not stirred’, or the sweet and fruity pornstar martini, but as 19 June was World Martini Day, we are going look at making the perfect dry martini.

Our dry martini recipe is a must-try for gin aficionados. With nothing more than a little vermouth added, it’s a fantastic cocktail for bringing out the taste of any fancy gins you have acquired.

Use your preferred gin of choice for this, and if you have one, serve your martini in a classic martini glass, or if not, a champagne coupe.


  • 50–60ml dry gin
  • 10–15ml dry white vermouth
  • Green olive (optional)
  • Twist of lemon peel
  • Ice



  1. Fill a martini glass and a mixing glass with ice (you can use a cocktail shaker but no shaking please!). Leave to chill.
  2. Pour away the ice from the mixing glass and add your gin and vermouth.
  3. Stir for 15 seconds.
  4. Remove the ice from the martini glass and pour in your cocktail. Twist a belt of lemon over the drink to release the oils and wipe around the rim of the glass. Pop lemon peel in the glass and garnish with an olive too if you like.

Feeling dirty? Add a splash of olive brine to the glass to serve – this is called a dirty martini.

Why not get adventurous and explore other martinis? Come and find a cocktail bar in Clapham Junction, and have perfect dry martinis made for you every time!