Frozen Drinks To Enjoy At Home

The end of quarantine is nigh, with park opening up to groups at a social distance and nature spots opening their gates, pubs, bars and restaurants may be unlocking their doors within the next couple of months. However, this means that everyone will have to continue drinking at home for the meantime.

The sun is shining more and more as we roll into the Summer season, and heatwaves coming and going, that cold bottle of beer or chilled glass of wine might not be doing it for you when you want to cool down in the sun. No matter how much ice you put in, it is never enough.

With Summer, comes cocktails in the sunshine. So here are some easy cocktails to make, that you can also make into frozen slushies that’ll be great to cool down on hot days.

Frozen margaritas are definitely a popular frozen cocktail that are easy to make. Take tequila, lime, sugar, and triple sec, or Cointreau, and put into a blender. Fill a cup with cubed ice, and crush it into crushed ice. Add this into the blender with your liquids. Blend until you have a thick slush. You can add fruits or purees to flavour your margaritas also. You can also use the same method for frozen daiquiris. Swap tequila for rum and take out the triple sec.

Pornstar martinis are a popular cocktail and is well known in every girl gang. If you love sipping on these on ladies night, you will also enjoy them frozen to get those Summer vibes. Add passionfruit, passionfruit liquor, vanilla, vodka and apple juice into a blender. Add crushed ice and blend until thick. Serve with half a passionfruit garnish and a shot of prosecco.

We can’t wait until we’re able to welcome you to our cocktail bar in Clapham High Street so make sure to keep up to date with our news and blogs.