Cocktails By Country: Part 1

Just because we’re all in lockdown at the moment doesn’t mean that our minds can’t travel and what better way to see the world if you can’t hop on a plane right now than one cocktail at a time?

We thought we’d put together a little series of some of our favourite tipples from the four corners of the globe, so here’s the first installment. Which of these will you be making tonight?


Drink sangria in Spain

Sangria is a particularly potent concoction and very easy to put together, so if you’re new to mixology this would be a great place to begin. It’s traditionally made with red wine, brandy, fruit and spices, but you can put your own individual twists on it the more confident you get.


Pour a pisco sour in Peru

A classic drink you have to try if you ever find yourself in Peru is the pisco sour, which has as its main ingredient a brandy called – you guessed it – pisco! It’s deliciously citrusy and has a serious tang to it, so perfect for the summer months, drinking out in the garden.


Live on Pimm’s in London

What’s more refreshing than a delicious glass of Pimm’s on a hot summer’s day? This drink can be traced back to London in 1823 by James Pimm, who owned an oyster bar in the city. Fun fact – it was actually considered to be a health drink when it first appeared!


Quaff cosmos in New York

As with many popular drinks, the origin of the cosmopolitan is often contested, but the general consensus is that it was created in New York City by Toby Cecchini of The Odeon. Combine vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime for a delicious drink that will ease your quarantine woes with no trouble at all.

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