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Covent Garden Bar

We're Going Deeper Underground...

A rabbit warren of wonder, a labyrinth of delight; this subterranean Covent Garden bar thrills with its architectural delights, food & drinks from above and service that will make you smile. Once a wine cellar of such repute, Dukes were murdered to gain access, this bar now calls upon the spirit of those heady days and treats them to the service and food & drink of champions, albeit in a slightly more casual manner and with significantly less slaying.

With tunes that will make you forget yourself and an atmosphere often as electric as a tasered eel, this A-masement bar is a destination any day of the week for the daytime city dwellers. Evenings that start with casual after work drinks & eats, are known to often descend into dancing on tables.

You can book a table or area in our Covent Garden bar for any (and all!) occasions for parties of 4 to 200, or call our team on (020) 7924 6055.

Winter Is Coming!

Which means Christmas is coming. Which means Christmas Parties are coming, and we have taken several already! We are doing showcases, show arounds, sending out information and taking enquiries for Christmas now. Call us on 020 7924 6055 or message us if you want your first choice dates. You won't regret having the best Christmas Party you've ever had! Check out our Christmas Brochure here!

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We want people that love eating, drinking, dancing and life in general. If you are one of these people, you will love our Covent Garden bar for all your after work drinks, parties and events!

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Adventure Time today 5PM to 8PM

Join us for £6 cocktails up until 8pm EVERY DAY!! Not only that, we'll be serving bottles of Peroni Rossa for just £3.50!! EVEN BETTER.......We'll be offering up 3… read more


New Year's Eve 2016!

Hey there Party Animal! Love New Year's Eve? Love to party? Love fancy dress? If the answer to all those questions is yes then you're in luck. This New… read more

Covent Garden Bar


Covent Garden Bar

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Oh Adventure Bar, I love you. I have been to visit your Covent Garden bar twice now, and both times I have just had the best time. It's a care free night, easy to book a table and all the staff are just lovely. The food and cocktails are simply glorious and I couldn't recommend a night out there more. I will definitely be back!

EKTHURSTON / 22.08.2016
twitter feed
Urghhhhhh Sunday morning hangovers are the worst!! 🙈🙈 Oh wait......did someone say hair of the dog?? #countusin #besthangovercureever