Covent Garden

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20 Bedford Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9HP
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(020) 79246055


“Everything was perfect! If I have to say something bad… was that the bar closed at 1am!! We where having such a good time! Thanks for everything.”


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    • Covent Garden

An A-masement bar

A rabbit warren of wonder, a labyrinth of delight, this subterranean Cocktail Den thrills with its architectural delights, food and drinks from above and service that will make you smile.

Once a wine cellar of such repute, Dukes were murdered to gain access, this bar now calls upon the spirit of those heady days and treats them to the service and food & drink of champions, albeit in a slightly more casual manner and with significantly less slaying.

With tunes that will make you forget yourself and an atmosphere often as electric as a tasered eel, this A-masement bar is a destination any day of the week for the daytime city dwellers. Evenings that start with casual after work drinks and eats, are known to often descend into dancing on tables.

Where the hell is this den of awesome, I hear you ask? HERE!


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